From Animal Health to Precision Farming: Ag Sector News

From Animal Health to Precision Farming: Ag Sector News

This week, we’re featuring the fall news letter from our friends at Investeco.

The agricultural sector is going through a time of unprecedented innovation and change, brought about by a growing awareness of issues relating to the environment, health and resource efficiency. In addition, a range of sectors across the broader economy — including energy, chemicals, textiles and pharmaceuticals, to name a few — are being dramatically reinvented on the premise of using agricultural outputs to replace products traditionally made with petrochemicals. These two trends together are creating exciting new investment opportunities.

The following segments (listed alphabetically) represent some of the most fertile areas of innovation at the cross–section of agriculture and the bioeconomy, and together comprise a dynamic global market opportunity well in excess of $500 billion. These are segments of particular interest to Investeco and our Sustainable Food Fund.

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