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About AgFunderNews

Reporting on the evolution of the world's food and agriculture systems for human and planetary health.

AgFunderNews reports on the evolution of the global food and agriculture system. By going beyond the headlines, we analyse the people, companies and technologies aiming to improve human and planetary health. Publishing daily news, our team of award-winning journalists delivers deeper insight on the growing foodtech, agtech and climate tech industries. A multimedia publication, AgFunderNews is a division of AgFunder Inc, one of the world’s most active agrifoodtech venture capital firms.

Our news and analysis service includes:

  • Original, independent and often exclusive reporting on business, tech and investment trends in food and agriculture globally.
  • Exclusive interviews with leading agrifoodtech entrepreneurs, investors and corporates.
  • Features on the world’s food and agriculture systems.
  • Live reporting from agrifoodtech conferences worldwide.
  • The latest research & data about the industry, including AgFunder’s global investment reports.
  • Expert commentary and editorials.

Find out about our amazing team of journalists, and get in touch with them, here.

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Occasionally we also include news about our parent company, AgFunder, such as news about portfolio companies and early access to our investment funds. All of this content, and any sponsored content, is clearly signposted.

How to Get Featured on AgFunderNews

If you have a press release, please send it to [email protected].

For advertising inquiries via the AgFunder Network Partner program, please contact [email protected].

*All sponsored content, including articles about AgFunder portfolio companies, are clearly signposted*

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