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AgFunder Network Partners

Founded in 2013, AgFunder and AFN‘s combined network has grown to almost 100,000 members and subscribers globally. These include leading foodtech and agtech entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, the representatives of governments and NGOs, media, thought-leaders, farmers, industry professionals, and senior executives at the world’s major food and agriculture companies.

Are you looking to build your visibility in the market? Want to reach the people that matter in agrifoodtech? We can help. To find out more, contact [email protected].

*Our editorial integrity is important to us; all sponsored articles will be clearly signposted. AFN will continue to bring you the independent journalism you value in all of our coverage.

AgFunder Corporate Innovation Services

For corporates looking to get closer to agrifood tech innovation, we also offer a range of services from Corporate Venture Capital to tech scouting. To learn more, contact [email protected].

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