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Flow Hive Indiegog
Flow Hive Indiegogo

UPDATE: Flow Hive, New Indiegogo Record

March 11, 2015


Byron Bay, Australia — In late February we told you about the sweet little Aussie start up, Flow Hive, that was taking Indiegogo by storm. Well, as of March 11th, the father/son honey harvesting outfit has raised the most money to date on Indiegogo with its $5.6 million campaign.


With twenty six days left in the campaign this is great news for Flow Hive. Stuart and Cedar Anderson, the father and son team behind the company, have spent the last three years field testing their product. Their beehive design technology claims to allow beekeepers to deliver an unprocessed and pure stream of honey out of a tap and straight into a jar, all without ever opening the hive. The innovation would be a notable departure from traditionally labor intensive honey harvesting techniques, and cheaper too. The company also claims that no bees are harmed in the process.


“The aim of this has always been to make things less stressful for the bees and easier on the beekeeper. Now things are on a much bigger scale,” said Stuart Anderson. The process claims to save 95% of the costs associated with harvesting honey from the hive.


The campaign has now raised 8,085% of it’s $70,000 goal and has 12,950 supporters.


This is also terrific news for Indiegogo, the online crowdfunding site, which has struggled to gain market share against main rival, Kickstarter. Although a long way from Kickstarters’ $17 million record, the success of this project is nothing if not encouraging news for Indiegogo, which has a slightly different funding and fee structure.


Photo Courtesy of Flow Hive

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