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Africa Agri Tech 2020

Africa Agri Tech offers three days of unparalleled discovery, exploration and networking.

The event offers a multi-tiered expo and conference programme that will investigate the impact of the latest advances in science and technology, empowering agricultural producers to achieve greater efficiency, productivity and profitability going into the future.

3rd World Congress on Advanced Biotechnology

Biotechnology Congress 2019 takes immense pleasure ininviting all the participants around the globe to attend “3rd Worldcongress on Advanced Biotechnology” to be held at Rome, Italy during October14-15, 2019.

Biotechnology Congress is organized byAllied Academies.

Who’s bringing China its bacon now that it’s running low?

A worldwide pork deficit is impending and one virus is to blame. But who’s going to fill in the gaps? Meat giant Tyson’s latest earnings reveal it’s not them, with the US-China trade war largely to blame. Could they lose out to alternatives like Impossible Foods?