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NutrEvent food and nutrition conference 2022
The NutrEvent conference in Rennes, France is on October 17-18

NutrEvent probes AI in food, personalized nutrition and next gen petfood Oct 17-18

October 2, 2023

What’s new in food supplements for cognitive health? How can AI be deployed in the product development process? And how are health and wellness trends in human foods impacting the petfood industry?

All of these topics and more are on the agenda at this year’s NutrEvent conference and exhibition in Rennes, France October 17-18.

Bringing together speakers from academia, the food industry and the investment community, this year’s event also features a pitch slam and a plenary session on personalized nutrition moderated by Nard Clabbers at NCNC Nutrition Consultancy.

“I think smart, short, simple behavioral questionnaires and digital tools to track mood, behavior and measure psychological traits are the next game changer [for personalized nutrition],” said Clabbers. “A special mention must go to the microbiome as it is starting to be a next frontier of science-driven nutritional advice.

“What is key is to make personalization much simpler and differentiated for each niche: healthcare, sports and retail.”

Other topics at the two-day event include:

  • Microalgae in food supplements: Overview of the current applications and challenges
  • What’s new in food supplements for brain and mental health?
  • How can AI help to develop new combinations of ferments for future food?
  • The science of fermentation: Exploring the latest biomass and precision fermentation applications in building the next generation of food products
  • Exploring the potential of bioactive peptides as food supplements and nutraceuticals
  • To what extent is the trend towards functional ingredients in human food being transferred over into petfood?
  • From sustainable to circular food systems: How to generalize the valorization of food waste and loss into side streams and new resources

Access the full conference program and speaker list, and register here.

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Get the latest news and research from AFN & AgFunder in your inbox.

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