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AgFunder Co-Investment Fund III Now Open to Investors! Join Us to Fund the Next Food Revolution!

Twice annually we open up a special Co-Investment Fund to give investors the opportunity to co-invest with AgFunder on identical terms to us. We’re assembling one of the most exciting agrifood tech portfolios anywhere and five of the companies we invested in last eighteen months have already raised new rounds at 1.4x – 3.75x our original investment.

Thiel-Backed Breakout Ventures Invests in Phylagen $14m Series A with Cultivian, AgFunder For Microbe-Based Traceability

Microbiome data analytics company Phylagen has raised a $14 million Series A round led by Peter Thiel-backed Breakout Ventures, agrifood tech venture pioneer Cultivian Sandbox, supply chain innovation fund Working Capital with participation from AgFunder.