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AFN’s top 20 guest articles of 2021

December 30, 2021

AFN strives to provide holistic coverage of trends and developments across the agrifoodtech ecosystem; but we on the editorial team wouldn’t be able to do it all by ourselves. We rely on the multitude of expert commentaries, opinion pieces, and technical analyses provided by our guest contributors to bring you the best agrifoodtech content out there.

Below is a list of the top 20 most-read guest posts we ran over the past 12 months, with details of the authors. These include several sponsored articles from our network partners, as well as a few investor memos from our colleagues on the AgFunder investment team [disclosure: AgFunder is AFN‘s parent company.]

These are the top 20 most-read guest posts ordered by unique pageviews published on AFN this year; 2021’s top 20 reads from the AFN editorial team will follow tomorrow, along with a breakdown of some of our key readership stats.

1. Vertical farming is headed for the ‘trough of disillusionment.’ Here’s why that’s a good thing
Henry Gordon-Smith, Agritecture

2. He says it’s not about climate. So why is Bill Gates investing in farmland?
Rebecca Bauer, FarmTogether

3. Behind the greens: Why greenhouse lettuce is not competitive yet
Peter Tasgal, The Farmbook Project

4. The ocean is a $100tln market opportunity
Tony Chen, Manolin

5. Indoor agtech: An evolving landscape of 1,300+ startups
Chris Taylor & Michael Rose, The Mixing Bowl

6.Dishing the dirt on ag carbon credits
Dan Blaustein-Rejto, The Breakthrough Institute

7. AgFunder exit review: John Deere’s $250m acquisition of Bear Flag Robotics
Rob Leclerc, AgFunder

8. Farmers have been burned by agtech too often. Here’s how to win back their trust
Michael Gilbert, Semios

9. Biological innovation is key to the economic & environmental sustainability of CEA
Leonard Lerer, Back of the Yard Algae Sciences
[Disclosure: AgFunder is an investor in Back of the Yard Algae Sciences via the GROW Impact Fund]

10. Investing along the curve: Revealing the best opportunities across the food supply chain
Seana Day & Brita Rosenheim, Culterra Capital 

11. Syngenta Ventures on ChemChina, business model innovation & ‘agri-fintech’
OnRamp Agriculture Conference

12. Food Waste Market Map: Invest in food waste solutions to fight hunger & climate change
Alexandria Coari, ReFED

13. Why we invested in Purissima
Michael Dean, AgFunder

14. The carbon question: Making global carbon markets work for farmers
F&A Next

15. Why it is important to evolve from precision farming to Agriculture 4.0
Filippo Renga, Andrea Bacchetti, & Chiara Corbo, Smart AgriFood Observatory, Politecnico di MilanoUniversity of Brescia; Dana Bonaldi, Digital Innovation Observatories, Politecnico di Milano

16. Online ag marketplaces: An entry point for farmers into the tech ecosystem
Dmytro Lennyi, Intellias

17. The 4 paradigms of agriculture: What are you sourcing from?
Ethan Soloviev, HowGood

18. 8 startups reshaping the global food system
F&A Next

19. A new searchable directory focuses on women innovators in agrifoodtech
Amy Wu, From Farms to Incubators & Connie Bowen, AgLaunch

20. Blockchain in agrifood: A great opportunity… disguised as a trend?
Chiara Corbo & Filippo Renga, Smart AgriFood Observatory, Politecnico di Milano & University of Brescia

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Get the latest news and research from AFN & AgFunder in your inbox.

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