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Germin8 Ventures' Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Ashlie L Burkart, MD

From precision ag primers to women entrepreneurs, here are our top 10 guest posts of 2023

December 26, 2023

Some articles become so popular amongst AgFunderNews readers they wind up with a longer shelf life than a can of beans.

That’s certainly the case with this year’s bundle of top guest articles, which are a mix posts of published this year and several that date back as far as 2017. It’s a rather fitting collection, considering this is AgFunderNews‘ parent company AgFunder’s 10-year anniversary. and much of our content of late has glanced into the recent past to see how agrifoodtech has evolved.

These were the 10 most popular guest articles on AgFunderNews in 2023:

1. The economics of local vertical & greenhouse farming are getting competitive  – Peter Tasgal

Tasgal, an agricultural consultant and regular guest contributor to AgFunderNews, explains what indoor growers must do to satisfy consumers on price, taste, and nutrition for leafy greens.

2. He says it’s not about climate. So why is Bill Gates investing in farmland?Rebecca Bauer

For the third year in a row, this article from FarmTogether’s Rebecca Bauer was one of the most popular amongst our readers. Clearly folks still want to know why Bill Gates is buying up so much farmland.

3. Farm tech market map: charting the next wave of agtech value for farmers – Seana Day

The second article in a two-part series from Culterra Capital partner Seana Day provides an his ecosystem map on technology inside the farmgate.

4. What is “the next big thing” for agtech?Seana Day

Part 1 of Day’s aforementioned series reflects on her last decade of investment in agtech and the underserved tech-driven opportunity for many founders and investors.

5. Behind the greens: Why greenhouse lettuce is not competitive yetPeter Tasgal

This post — yet another one of our guest articles from 2021 — clues us in to just how much indoor ag has struggled in recent years to be competitive with conventional greens.

6. Vertical farming is headed for the ‘trough of disillusionment.’ Here’s why that’s a good thingHenry Gordon Smith

Also back for the third year in a row, Smith’s assessment of of the vertical farming industry is as relevant now as it was when he wrote this article in 2021. That said, the industry may finally be headed for the “plateau of enlightenment.

7. Why plant nutrition is the driver of soil regenerationJohn Kempf

John Kempf is one of the leading thinkers in regenerative agriculture. In this article, he explains why crop nutrition is so important in regenerative agriculture but is often left out of the conversation.

8. How to implement digital agriculture, step-by-stepMarco Brini 

Digital agriculture expert Brini recently wrote a free digital book entitled ‘Implementing Digital Agriculture Step-by-Step,’ which he summarizes in this article.

9. Women entrepreneurs are a missed opportunity in venture capital. Here’s how investors and policymakers can change thatDr. Ashlie L Burkart, MD 

Burkart, who is also chief scientific officer at Germin8 Ventures, writes that in todays’ economic climate, VCs need to put more money into women entrepreneurs as a path to profit and impactand to generate better returns.

10. What is precision agriculture?Remi Schmaltz

Investor Schmaltz was CEO of ag software company Decisive Farming (later acquired by TELUS) when he wrote this guide to understanding the components of precision agriculture. For anyone in need of a refresher, this is a good place to start.

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Get the latest news and research from AFN & AgFunder in your inbox.

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