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Ag Industry Brief: Glocal Launches Latin American Accelerator, FoodFutureCo Unveils 2nd Cohort, ADM Offers Growers Agrible for Free, more

March 3, 2017

Glocal Launches Latin American Accelerator for Agtech Startups and Businesses

Applications are open on an ongoing basis for Glocal, a new accelerator based in Argentina for agtech startups as well as more mature mid-size businesses. Startups will receive up to $50k in investment for between 7% and 12% in equity depending on the stage of the startup. They will also receive up to $50k in services, including marketing solutions, finance courses, mentors, and customer networking, over a five-month period. The first step of the program is to analyze and validate the business model of each company and then to work on market entry and raising further investment capital, according to Bernardo Milesy, founder of the program. Backed by Milesy and a group of individuals in the agribusiness sector in Argentina, investments are made on a per startup basis with rolling applications. Some businesses might be better suited to receiving more in the way of services than equity investment, Milesy added. The accelerator may raise a fund in due course.

Scale-Up Accelerator FoodFutureCo Unveils 2nd Cohort

FoodFutureCo has launched its second cohort with a group of four disruptive small businesses comprised of mission-forward CPG companies. The second cohort contrasts with the first, which centered on innovations in agriculture. Growth stage startups are: Generation FreshOzuké, Seal the Seasons, and Unify Water. The program’s founder, Shen Tong, also founded the food tech accelerator Food-X. Read more about FutureFoodCo’s second cohort here.

ADM Offers Growers Agrible Report for Free

Archer Daniels Midland is now offering their farmer customers a complimentary one-year subscription to Agrible’s Morning Farm Report, which includes tools to forecast yields, plan field operations, reduce waste, and save money. Read more here.

New Ag Data Transparency Evaluator Website Launched

After its first year in operation, the Ag Data Transparency Evaluator has moved from the American Farm Bureau Federation’s website to its own location on the web: The new website is designed to help farmers review how an agriculture technology provider answered 10 questions regarding ownership, privacy, and retention of farmers’ data. This is particularly relevant as the debate rages on about farm data privacy. Read Farmobile CEO’s recent blog post on the topic here.

President Trump Slashes Controversial WOTUS Rule

The Waters of the United States rule, which has been embroiled in controversy and legal challenges since its debut during the Obama Administration, is set for a major downsizing, according to an executive order inked by President Trump this week. The order instructs the EPA and the Corps to strike a balance between the need to protect waters from pollution and supporting economic growth without treading too far into states’ rights to regulate their waters. Read more about the rule and what may happen now here.

Back to the Roots Cereal Replaces Kellogg’s Cereal in NYC Schools

The company who wants to “undo food” and to become the new Kraft Foods came one step closer this week when the New York Times reported that NYC schools replaced Kelloggs’ cereals with Back to the Roots’ cereals. Read more about the swap and what it may signal here.

California Farmers Advocate Sun Grown Cannabis with New Association

A group of Californians launched a new organization to represent sun-grown cannabis farmers. The group, called the International Cannabis Farmers Association, is comprised of cannabis farmers, scientists, and stakeholders. It will work to promote traditionally farmed sun-grown cannabis as a high-quality alternative to indoor grown. They tout the ecological benefits of growing the crop outdoors and the lower energy use involved as well as the preservation of the heritage established in traditional farming communities. Read more about the group and how it hopes to serve as a national model here.

Other News That’s Fit to Chew

  • This high school is considering adding agtech classes to its curriculum, reports Peoria Journal Star.
  • French officials report possible bird flu on a poultry farm in Northern France ruffling farmers’ feathers and raising big fears, reports Reuters.
  • Tyson Foodservice and Hillshire Farm have launched Authentically Crafted Exceptional Meats, a “multi-protein portfolio” of meat ingredients for restaurants and institutions, reports MeatingPlace.
  • In a New York Times op-ed column, an English sheep farmer shares his view of rural America.
  • The Kansas Department of Agriculture launched a new cattle brand registration system using a new software program. Read more here.
  • Kimbal Musk’s indoor farming compound is now delivering fresh greens, reports Yahoo! Finance.
  • Could President Trump use food safety as a way to pressure foreign governments? The Daily Meal recently dug into this issue.

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