Village Capital launching East Africa FinTech for Agriculture Accelerator
Village Capital launching East Africa FinTech for Agriculture Accelerator

Village Capital Launches FinTech for Agriculture: East Africa Accelerator

January 14, 2015

Village Capital is seeking early-stage fintech ventures for its FinTech for Agriculture: East Africa 2015 Accelerator. Selected innovators will participate in a three-month accelerator program, featuring $100,000 pre-committed investment for the top two companies. Participating companies will receive engage with their peers, potential customers, investors and industry experts and will have an opportunity to peer-select two participating ventures to receive $50,000 investment each.

The top 12 enterprises who apply will be invited to participate in the 3-month program, structured as 3, 4-day sessions of coaching and training in Nairobi with remote work in between each session.

To date, Village Capital has launched 30 programs in 8 countries and invested in more than 40 ventures in the education, agriculture, energy, fintech and healthcare sectors.

You can find out more information on the Village Capital website.

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