Growers Rant to discuss AgTech issues
Growers Rant to discuss AgTech issues

Growers Rant to discuss AgTech issues

November 8, 2014

The AgTech meetup group is holding an open meeting Next Tuesday on November 11 in Salinas to discuss growers past experience with agriculture technology and what they need for future advancements. “The Growers’ Rant is a meeting that you don’t want to miss. Ag Technology is the next up and coming industry and to get first-hand information from growers of Salinas Valley, the most agriculturally rich area in the world, is a very rare opportunity.” Stated Aaron Magenheim of Ag Tech Insight.

Several growers (row crops, berries, and vineyards) will be in attendance to answer questions from start-ups and investors regarding ag technology. Topics will include what frustrates growers, what they have integrated that has and hasn’t worked, and what they need from the tech world to help their operations.

Anyone interested in attending this event can RSVP at to ensure enough refreshments.

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