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AgriFood News: Beyond Meat, CRISPR, who just raised $20m?, more

July 26, 2018

The AgriFood News Aggregator features headlines submitted each week by members of the AgFunder community through our news sharing platform #feedit. Have news to share? Post it here and engage, share, and debate with your peers in the comments section.

AgriFood & Tech Commentary

We’ll use smartphones to trace our food on the blockchain but we’ll be traced, too – New Food Economy

If farmers sold their data instead of giving it away, would anybody buy? – New Food Economy

Flash Boys on the Farm? Arms Race Is Unleashed Over Crop Data – Bloomberg

Now is the time for Walmart to strike at Amazon Prime – TechCrunch

Crispr Can Speed Up Nature—and Change How We Grow Food  – Wired

Inside Beyond Meat’s innovative future food lab  – FastCompany

Inside FreshDirect’s Big Bet to Win the Home-Delivery Fight – WSJ

AgriFood Tech Venture News

Cool Planet closes $20m funding round – PR

DNA-Based Pathogen Testing Company PathogenDx Raises $3.4 Million in Convertible Note Round – PR

AgriFood Industry News

Mondelez Recalls Ritz Crackers on Salmonella Concern – WSJ

McDonald’s Pulls Salads From Thousands of Restaurants as Parasite Outbreak Escalates – Fortune

GreenLight Biosciences Welcomes New Chief Commercial Officer – PR

Daniel Hoffer tapped as MD for Autotech Ventures. Looking at driverless tractors – PR

Managing Grain Quality from the Combine – NextInsturments Blog

AgriFood Policy News

EU to regulate CRISPR seed as GMO – FOE

All the Foods Being Affected by Trump’s Trade War  – Eater

Farmers Frustrated By Trump Trade Tactics – AgWeb

FDA to Stop Alterna-Milks Like Almond and Soy From Using the Word “Milk” – Modern Farmer

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