WISErg raises another $900k to convert grocer’s waste to fertilizer

WISErg raises another $900k to convert grocer’s waste to fertilizer

John Cook over at GeekWire has reported that WISErg has added another $900,000 to the $5 million Series B they raised earlier this year for their “Harvester” device which turns food waste into fertilizer and “making it easier for restaurants, commercial kitchens and grocery stores to track and minimize food waste. Backers of the company have not been disclosed.

Standing at about 7 feet tall, and a 4’ by 4’ base, the Harvester can hold up to 4,000 lbs. daily of scraps from the meat, seafood, deli and produce departments, according to the unit’s design specs. The unit is completely sealed, odor free, uses smart technology that tells the customer the sources of food scraps and environmental conditions, and uses a patent-pending oxidative conversion process to take out the valuable nutrients from food scraps. The Harvester then turns these nutrients into a natural agricultural fertilizer before they are wasted, and is sold to commercial farmers and to consumers at retail.

Several stores in the Pacific Northwest are sold on the idea. WISErg at regional and national grocery outlets like Whole Foods Market, Town & Country Markets, PCC Natural Markets and Red Apple Markets in the Puget Sound area of Washington.

Wiser was started four years ago by Larry LeSueur, a former Manager at Microsoft.


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