Larta’s Shukla Discusses Ag Innovation Showcase 2016 and a New Partnership with Bioenterprise

October 21, 2016

The Ag Innovation Showcase is the agriculture technology world’s longest running event and this year was its eighth. For this week’s podcast, we caught up with Rohit Shukla, CEO of the Larta Institute, which organizes the event with the Donald Danforth Center in St Louis, to hear more about the event last month.

One key feature of the conference this year was a panel discussion about gene editing and the issue of public acceptance of what’s seen in the biotech industry as a game-changing innovation. AgFunderNews reporter Lauren Manning moderated this panel and provides an overview here.

Another talking point at the event was food waste, and Shukla talks to me about some of the various ways technology is working to combat the issue which in the US alone costs the economy over $200bn a year.

During the podcast Shukla also talks about an upcoming partnership to support and invest in agtech startups alongside Bioenterprise Capital, the Canadian investment firm.


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