AgReliant Genetics cuts deal with precision ag company, Spensa
AgReliant Genetics cuts deal with precision ag company, Spensa

AgReliant Genetics cuts deal with precision ag company, Spensa

September 26, 2014

AgReliant Genetics, the third largest corn seed company in the U.S. and Spensa Technologies, a multiplatform agriculture services company have signed an agreement that will help growers integrate innovative and precision planting tools with AgReliant hybrid information to improve overall crop production.

“AgReliant Genetics has a strong national reputation for providing quality seed for growers, and we’ve been able to do this through our advanced genetics and agronomic expertise,” said Noah Freeman, manager of AgReliant. “Technology is an important component of the next step toward increasing harvest yields, and we are expanding our services to include more precision agriculture technologies. Our agreement with Spensa positions us to become a leader in the precision technology field.”

This agreement allows AgReliant to begin development of the branded precision tool, Advantage Acre, which will initially provide a web-based application for growers to track and manage their fields through more precise data on AgReliant  products, as well as soil, weather and yield, as well as a scouting tool for growers to record notes on plant growth and disease for better pest control management.

Increasing yield potential and overall efficiency to produce an even greater crop have been the goals of agriculturalists for many years. New technologies, such as the tools being developed by Spensa, may bring us closer to 300 bushel per acre goal in corn production. Spensa won Village Capital’s Ag Accelerator program last year.

“One of the most important goals for all of us is food security,” said Johnny Park, president and CEO of Spensa. “In order to meet the demand of our growing world population, we need to double yet again the average yields of corn, soybeans and other food crops within the next decade. Precision technologies will help make this happen.”

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AgReliant Genetics is preparing Advantage Acre for its phase one launch during the 2015 growing season.

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