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AgFunder Co-Investment Fund III Now Open to Investors! Join Us to Fund the Next Food Revolution!

May 30, 2019

Twice annually we open up a special Co-Investment Fund to give investors the opportunity to co-invest with AgFunder on identical terms to us. We’re assembling one of the most exciting agrifood tech portfolios anywhere and five of the companies we invested in last eighteen months have already raised new rounds at 1.4x – 3.75x our original investment.

Based in Silicon Valley, AgFunder is one of the most active agrifood tech-focused VCs globally and we’ve invested alongside other leading VCs including Acre Venture Partners, Breakout Ventures, Cultivian Sandbox, Data Collective, Felicis Ventures, Fifty Years, Horizons Ventures, Omnivore, S2G, Tiger Global, TPG, WTI and more.  We focus on investing in exceptional founders looking to build category-defining companies that can transform our food and agriculture system.

Our superpowers are our network of 65,000 members and subscribers, which we leverage to seek out truly exceptional founders, and our proprietary AI algorithms that tirelessly help us identify and source new opportunities. Our portfolio includes many companies you’ll have heard of including The Yield, Brightseed, Solinftec, ImpactVision, Connecterra, Trace Genomics, Aerobotics, Chinova Bioworks, Stem, Sentera, Phylagen, DeHaat, as well as several deep-tech startups who are still in stealth (meet our portfolio companies here). Our investors include multi-billion dollar corporations and family offices, as well as individual investors including C-level execs at major food and agriculture companies, leading industry professionals, and other venture capitalists.

AgFunder Co-Investment Fund III is now open for investment but spots are limited and the fund closes on June 15. We won’t get final resolution for a couple more weeks, but we’re currently tracking a final close of $8M – $20M in both hard and soft commitments. For investors investing $2M+ we can extend the close by up to six weeks to ensure you have enough time. If you’d like to learn more, or reserve an allocation in the fund, click the link below.

>>Learn More, Reserve a Spot, or Invest Now

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