Village Capital Launches Ag Accelerator & Calls for Applications
Village Capital Launches Ag Accelerator & Calls for Applications

Village Capital Launches Ag Accelerator & Calls for Applications

August 21, 2014

Calling all innovators! An ag accelerator has been launched, and they’re looking for you.


Village Capital is calling for applications for its second annual USA Agriculture Accelerator Program, an agenda part of the SOURCE Initiative, which aims to help low-wealth Americans build businesses and the economy. The accelerator will choose up to fifteen companies to provide its mentor and finance network.


The accelerator is particularly interested in companies that are looking to increase resource efficiency in the ag supply chain, improve efficiency of crop production and/or optimize ag inputs with emphasis on increasing small farm productivity, and inventions that allow for better aggregation and distribution of food with fewer resources. See the program details here.


Interested companies should apply for the accelerator by September 1st. Selected companies will participate in three intensive sessions in Louisville during October, November, and January. Participating companies will review each others work, and the two businesses ranked highest by peers at the end of the program will receive $50,000 investment each from Village Capital and Radicle Capital.


This is the second accelerator from Louisville-based Village Capital, which launched the initiative in partnership with Blue Sky Foundation and Radicle Capital, and is supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, The Hitachi Foundation, Investors Circle, and other Kentucky-based mentors and advisers.




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FEATURED PHOTO: Lee Coursey/ Flickr

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