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Syngenta’s Head of Tech Services Discusses M&A, New Product Launches And Digital Ag

Syngenta is set to release 16 new products into the market this year, a record-breaking number for the company, according to Jamie Eichorn, head of technical services for the agribusiness.

We caught up with Eichorn to hear more about these products, the development of biological solutions, as well as the company’s approach to acquiring technology versus developing it in-house.

Syngenta Has $50,000 Contest for Ag-Entrepeneurs

Syngenta Has $50,000 Contest for Ag-Entrepeneurs

Aspiring ag entrepreneurs: Have a good idea but no money to start? Listen up; there’s a contest for you.


Syngenta is going to be giving away a total of $50,000 to those who want to start bringing their ag-ideas to reality.