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Dutch Biotech Startup Ceradis Secures €9m for New Biofungicide

It has taken the team of scientists at Ceradis more than a decade to develop a line of earth-friendly agriculture products. Now, with several on the market, the Dutch company has raised €9 million ($10 million) to commercialize a new biofungicide that prevents crop disease.

Tyson Partners with EDF to Reduce GHG Emissions on 2M Acres Using Ag Data Platforms FBN, MyFarms

Tyson Foods, one of the world’s largest meat companies, and non-profit Environmental Defense Fund have formed a new partnership this week to develop and deploy a set of initiatives that will help Tyson achieve its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the company and its supply chains by 30% in 2030.

Billionaire-Backed Fund Invests in Pivot Bio’s $70m Series B to Address ‘One of Largest Sources of GHGs on Planet’

“Pivot Bio is addressing one of the largest sources of GHGs on the planet – the potent nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions associated with the use of synthetic fertilizers,” said Carmichael Roberts of Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

New York Pension Fund Asks McDonald’s to Explain Why Its Chicken Welfare Standards Fall Short

The clash over consumers’ demand for fast food chains to improve the animal welfare requirements that they use when sourcing meat hit new heights last week when the third largest public retirement fund in America, New York Pension Fund, penned a letter to McDonald’s warning it about “potential financial and reputational risks associated with McDonald’s chicken welfare practices.”

Farmland Investment Fund Quantifies Impact of Regenerative Practices at $21m in USDA-Backed Report

According to the report, some $85 million worth of farmland in its first fund — Vital Farmland LP — generated a financial return of 67%, but also $21.4 million in ecosystem service value, which accrues to the surrounding communities and environment.