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The 2024 list of agrifood corporates making regenerative agriculture commitments

February 20, 2024

The last time we compiled a list of agrifood corporates making regenerative agriculture commitments, it took hours upon hours of reading between corporate jargon lines to understand a handful of companies’ goals.

What a difference a couple years makes.

In 2024, most major food companies have a page on their websites dedicated to regenerative agriculture (sometimes used interchangeably with “sustainable” agriculture); a large portion of these have clear goals with target dates, too.

The following list is a non-exhaustive look at those goals and ambitions, focusing on many of the world’s largest agrifood corporations.

Last time, I mentioned one big challenge is that “regenerative agriculture” still has no set definition. While that still holds true, the bigger observation in 2024 is the number of companies leaning heavily on sustainability jargon to describe goals. With greenwashing pretty rampant nowadays, it will be important to check beneath the PR-friendly language at the actual acres, dates, practices and prescriptions.

As detached observers, we’re not making that judgement call for any of the following companies. Rather, this list is a summary of agrifood corporate involvement in regenerative agriculture. The hope is that it can aid in some small way with tracking progress and holding everyone accountable.

We update this list periodically and welcome any suggestions for inclusion on it. Send companies along with any thoughts to me via email.

Country Company Goal
🇺🇸 ADM 4 million acres of its supply chain signed up for regen ag by 2024
🇧🇪 Anheuser-Busch InBev Support 20,000+ direct farmers in adapting to “the different challenges” around the world
🇺🇸 Ardent Mills Enroll 1 million acres in regenerative agriculture programs by 2025
🇺🇸 Arla Foods Farmers exploring regenerative farming methods via a four-year pilot farm program
🇯🇵 Asahi Sustainable procurement of raw materials
🇬🇧 Associated British Foods Supply products and services that “facilitate efficient farm management and regenerative approaches”
🇮🇹 Barilla Working with 9,000 farms on sustainable agriculture
🇺🇸 Bunge Partnering with farmers and input companies to support regenerative agriculture practices
🇺🇸 Cargill Advance regenerative agriculture across 10 million acres in North America by 2030
🇩🇰 Carlsberg Three brands in the UK, Finland and France working towards 100% regenerative agricultural practices by 2040
🇺🇸 Coca-Cola Working with suppliers and partners to create “systemic change” in ag supply chain
🇩🇰 Danish Crown “Climate-neutral” meat by 2050
🇫🇷 Danone In France, source 100% of ingredients from regen ag by 2025; Horizon Milk (in the US) to be carbon positive by 2025 “primarily through regenerative agriculture practices”
🇺🇸 Diageo Provide all local sourcing communities (about 150,000 smallholder farmers) with “agricultural skills and resources”
🇮🇹 Ferrero Applying the principles of regenerative agriculture on company farms and “supporting the adoption of these principles by the agricultural community in our main sourcing countries”
🇺🇸 Fresh Del Monte By 2030: Implement regenerative and soil health management practices in 100% of owned and associated farms; increase cover cropping on supplier farms 5% per year
🇺🇸 General Mills By 2030: Apply regenerative agriculture to 1 million acres
🇲🇽 Grupo Bimbo By 2050, 100% of its key ingredients will come from land cultivated with regenerative farming practices.
🇳🇱 Heineken 100% sustainable barley and hops by 2030
🇺🇸 Hormel Applegate brand to transition up to 260,000 acres of US grasslands
🇺🇸 Ingredion Have 100% of tier 1 priority crops sustainably sourced by the end of 2025; tier 2 priority crops by 2030
🇺🇸 JBS Invest $100 million by 2030 in “research and development projects to assist producer efforts to strengthen and scale regenerative farming practices”
🇺🇸 Kellogg Investing $2 million into InGrained program for rice farmers in the Lower Mississippi basin in the US
🇺🇸 Keurig Dr. Pepper Supporting conservation and regenerative agriculture on 250,000 acres of land by 2030
🇺🇸 Kraft Heinz Purchase 100% sustainably-sourced Heinz ketchup tomatoes by 2025
🇺🇸 Land O’ Lakes Transition farmers to regen ag via Truterra program
🇺🇸 Mars Scaling up initiatives in sustainable and regenerative agriculture as part of its net zero plan
🇨🇦 McCain Foods Regenerative agricultural practices across 100% of potato acreage worldwide by the end of 2030
🇺🇸 Mondelez International 100% wheat volume needed for Europe business biscuits production grown under the Harmony charter by 2030
🇨🇭 Nestle 20% of “key ingredients” sourced through regen ag methods by 2025; 50% by 2030
🇸🇬 Olam Working with farmers to “monitor soil health & train them in regenerative techniques”
🇺🇸 Pepsi “Spread the adoption” of regenerative practices across 7 million acres of agricultural land
🇫🇷 Pernod Ricard By 2025: Pilot regen ag projects within eight of its wine-growing regions; by 2030 to have at least 5,000 farmers transitioning to regen ag
🇺🇸 Smithfield/WH Group Source “at least 75%” of grain grown in the US with efficient fertilizer and soil health practices
🇯🇵 Suntory Work only with growers that use regenerative and sustainable practices by 2040
🇺🇸 Tyson Help farmers and ranchers implement “climate-smart agricultural practices” to result in managing supply chain via regenerative methods
🇬🇧 Unilever By 2030: Regenerate 1.5 million hectares of land, forests and oceans
🇺🇸 Walmart By 2030: Restore at least 50 million acres of land

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