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Future Food 🎙️: The future and sustainability of protein in our diets

June 24, 2020

In a special live episode of the Future Food podcast, I speak to Victor Friedberg and Sara Eckhouse from FoodShot Global about their new focus area, Precision Protein.

FoodShot Global is an AgFunder Network Partner and we’ve worked together since its launch a few years ago as a new, multistakeholder, Moonshots for Food approach to investing in foodtech and agtech. I’ve also known Victor since he co-founded S2G Ventures with Sanjeev Krishnan and Chuck Templeton over five years ago now, but in every conversation we have, I learn something new; he always has a unique viewpoint on issues.

So I was really excited when he and Sara told me they were wading into the protein debate. Maybe ‘debate’ is a bit misleading as they’re certainly not entering into the meat vs plants debate which has dominated the protein conversation in recent years; they’re far more interested in understanding and finding the most efficient, nutritious, equitable protein production system for all populations globally. Obviously there’s a lot of nuance that goes with that — I’d argue we need more nuance; protein is not as black and white as many would have you believe — and while that’s not always the best story, Victor and Sara are amazing communicators on this complex topic.

As you’ll hear in this episode, they’re looking for innovators and researchers working on protein science, production, processing and personalization — learn more about these categories here –that can help to “build a protein system that is more precisely attuned to human and planetary health, better aligns global and regional supply and demand, increases accessibility, and decreases waste and environmental damage.”

Enjoy the audio below or listen via Future Food on your favorite podcasting app.

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