Bon Appetech focuses on innovation with foodtech conference
Bon Appetech focuses on innovation with foodtech conference

Bon Appetech focuses on innovation with foodtech conference

October 28, 2014

This spring Bon Appetech is hosting a foodtech focused conference to  jumpstart the “Good Food Innovation” movement, and build a more robust ecology around food and agtech by bringing together investors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. Some of the more well-known companies in the foodtech space we’ve covered here in the past include Hampton Creek, which is developing a vegan egg alternative, Beyond Meat which is developing a meatless protein  even the fiercest carnivore would love, and Modern Meadow which is growing meat and leather from petri dishes without all the hassle of having livestock.

Speakers include Doug Rauch, former President of Trader Joes, Annie Marie Gardner of the much acclaimed Modern Farmer Magazine (Which incidentally gave AgFunder its first press coverage back in July 9, 2013), Josh Tetrick, co-founder of Hampton Creek, Pam Marrone of Marrone Bio Innovations, Ryan Caldbeck from CircleUp as well as myself, Rob Leclerc.

Over the three days, the conference will focus on six key themes: Food, Health and Nutrition; Food Sustainability; Agriculture and Wine (We like this pairing!); Restaurants, Dining, and Cooking; Artisan Food Startups; and Entrepreneurship and Investing and it will also include over eighteen interactive sessions as well as pitch competitions.

The conference will be held at the Mission Bay Conference Center on April 10 -12 in San Francisco, and tickets are available on their website.

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