Agworld, a Digital Communication Platform for Farmers, Snags AU$6 Million

Agworld, a Digital Communication Platform for Farmers, Snags AU$6 Million

The ag world has been getting lots of funding, and Agworld is no exception.


Agworld, an information management platform company in the Australian agricultural sector, recently raised AU $6 million in a Series C round. The round was led by Reed Elsevier Ventures, with Yuuwa Capital contributing. The recent investment brings Agworld’s total equity investment to AU $12 million.


Agworld plans to use the investment to expand into North America, as well as to work on their farm management service. Using cloud technology, Agworld has created a communication platform for those involved in crop production. Agronomist recommendations, crop production plans, and finance reporting are a few of the features that can be uploaded and shared in “the cloud.” Farmers can post their own suggestions on the Agworld app, as well.


“It’s all about farmers and their service providers understanding the core risks and opportunities for their business in the context of that specific location and farm entity,” explains Doug Fitch, CEO of Agworld.


Sustainable farming is at the front of everyone’s mind, and Agworld is not the only company to provide farming collaboration through the cloud. Climate Corporation provides weather modeling and simulations. Monsanto’s FieldScripts, an operation expected to launch later this year, will use seed science to even out the yield variation of corn within one field. All of these “big data” companies have the shared goal of helping farmers make more informed decisions by centralizing the huge amount of data farmers need to produce crops successfully.

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With its hub of data collaboration, Agworld is arming farmers from all corners of the ag world with the information needed to make the most educated decisions.


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