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Make sure your deals are counted in AgFunder’s global agrifoodtech investment report!

December 17, 2021

Each year, the research team at AgFunder painstakingly compiles our global investment report for the foodtech and agtech startup industry. It’s worth the hard work; the annual AgFunder AgriFoodTech Investment Report is the most comprehensive foodtech and agtech investment research out there for the following reasons:

  • Using machine learning algorithms, we trawl Crunchbase, company websites, and other public data sources to identify and categorize all deals relating to our sector. We then manually curate each company to ensure its relevance. We’ve taught our algorithms how to identify and categorize each company by learning from over six years of compiling the report.
  • On top of that, we partner with groups across the globe to ensure we capture as many deals as possible, including those that have been recorded or reported elsewhere; this global reach is unique among our competitors.
  • We constantly update our datasets from previous years as new deals come to light.
  • Importantly, we make sure to reach out to all the leading VCs in the agrifoodtech space to ensure their deals are counted.

Despite our best efforts, some deals still slip through the net, and with the agrifoodtech investment industry expanding rapidly each year, it’s hard to keep up with all the new entrants. Whether you’re an investor, a founder or otherwise worked on an agrifoodtech funding round, you can help ensure your funding activity is counted.

What’s included in our report

Our report focuses on investment in technology companies targeting the food and agriculture sector.

Companies must be impacting or alternating how food and agricultural products are produced, transported, prepared, sold, or consumed.

They must be private companies or microcaps with a valuation of under $350 million; some startups use a public listing to raise funding on exchanges like AIM when private funding might be more challenging – for example in the cannabis arena – but they still operate like startups unlike the vast majority of publicly-listed enterprises.

We include equity and venture debt deals from seed stage up to late stage.

We do not include grants or M&A transactions (except in a separate list). We may plan to report on these types of funding in future reports, so it’s still worth making sure this information is submitted to Crunchbase.

Find out more about our methodology and what’s included inside our latest report here.

Make your deals count!

The easiest way to ensure your agrifoodtech investment deals are included in our report is to add them directly to Crunchbase.

Crunchbase is an amazing service that uses crowdsourcing to collect data which are then verified by its army of data geeks. To add your deals, you just need to create a free login (even easier if you use a social media account and link it to that) and then either add an investment deal to a current startup profile or create a new profile if the company has not yet been added.

More detailed instructions on submitting a funding round and a company profile to Crunchbase can be found here and here respectively. You can also add your investor to an existing round; instructions here.

Our in-house software will then pull these data from Crunchbase into our report. If you’re concerned about confidentiality, you can choose which details to include and which to withhold.

If for some reason this doesn’t work for you, you can also send your deal information direct to Crunchbase via [email protected] where the team tells me they will happily help.

You’re also welcome to email us at [email protected] — highlighting any details you want to remain confidential — and we will include them for you. But considering the vast number of deals to curate this year, submitting directly to Crunchbase will be safer.

Our report is our love letter to the ecosystem – help us to share the love and check your Crunchbase profile before January 22 to make sure your investments are included.

Read our previous reports – including last year’s AgFunder AgriFoodTech Investment Report – here.

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Get the latest news and research from AFN & AgFunder in your inbox.

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