Departing Indigo CEO David Perry (third from right) at the inauguration of the company's Boston headquarters in January 2018. Photo credit: Indigo

Brief: Indigo Ag cuts more jobs; signs new carbon credit buyers

February 9, 2021

Why it matters:

Indigo says its “four primary offerings” are its grain marketing and transportation platforms, as well as its carbon credits scheme and biological products business.

David Perry, who had been Indigo’s CEO since 2014, left the company last September. Perry was replaced in the top spot by Ron Hovsepian, a partner at Indigo founding investor Flagship Pioneering who had been serving as the startup’s acting chief operating officer.

Indigo laid off around 150 employees in February last year, ostensibly to refocus resources away from its agronomy and transportation businesses towards its grain and carbon marketplaces.

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