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August 30, 2019

We’re partnering with Food+Tech Connect and WeWork FoodLabs on a Regenerative AgTech Meetup in New York City next month!

Our soil is in crisis. The UN estimates we only have 60 years left of topsoil left if we continue current farming practices. Enter Regenerative Agriculture, a farming approach aiming to rebuild soil health and farming communities, while also supporting carbon sequestration and reversing climate change. Regenerative agriculture is having a moment and is of increasing focus to food companies, entrepreneurs and leading farmers worldwide. At AFN, we’ve been tracking these developments for a while and recently started a new column with our resident rancher Lauren Manning called Regen Ag Renegades to highlight key personalities in the growing movement.

Now we’re partnering with Food+Tech Connect, Applegate’s The New Food Collective and WeWork Food Labs to put on a meetup in New York City to focus on the issue. Regenerative AgTech will take place on September 19 at WeWork’s West 18th street location.

“At Food+Tech Connect our goal is to inspire and help people make sense of the new business, tech and investment models that are transforming our food and farming industries,” said Danielle Gould, founder of Food+Tech Connect. “With 95% of our food grown in soil, it’s clear that we need to rethink the status quo of how our food is grown. We are excited to bring together some of the pioneers of the regenerative agriculture movement to share their best practices and challenges.”

Join us to learn about the state of regenerative agriculture and how technology is helping farmers rebuild and nourish their soil. Indigo Agriculture, PastureMap, OpenTEAM, Applegate’s The New Food Collective, and the Rodale Insitute will be sharing a deep dive into their business models, technologies and certifications.

And importantly, if you have a technology relevant to regenerative agriculture, you have a chance to demo it at the event in front of 250+ attendees. Apply here now!

*While we’re on the topic, our Network Partner Indigo Agriculture is currently accepting applications for its Terraton Challenge, focused on rewarding the innovators building tools to quantify, reward, and accelerate carbon sequestration. Find out more and apply here.*

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