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Apply to GLOCAL’s 2023 program to help advance Latin American agrifoodtech

April 20, 2023

Innovation grows more integral to the Latin America agrifoodtech sector each year as farms and supply chains look to digitize operations and increase efficiency. This is vital in order to provide the region with a more sustainable, equitable food system. 

GLOCAL, an agrifoodtech acceleration and investment fund, is helping pioneer this transition with investments in startups developing disruptive solutions to improve global nutrition through sustainable production systems.  

GLOCAL invests, accelerates, and scales the growth of seed-stage Latin America agrifoodtech companies creating cutting-edge technology to make the agriculture-food supply chain more efficient, secure and sustainable.

Become a Game Changer with GLOCAL

Latin American startups seeking funding, expertise and assistance accelerating their solutions can now apply to the GLOCAL Game Changers LatAm Series 2023. Apply here by June 16.

The program provides expertise from the GLOCAL team, partner network, mentors and early adopters within the framework of a specially designed methodology. It also provides access to potential investors from the GLOCAL network.

After the selection process, applicants will have the opportunity to access an investment ticket that goes up to $500,000.

Who should apply

GLOCAL is looking for startups with solutions applicable to the whole food supply chain, including traceability platforms, marketplaces, alternative foods, carbon neutrality, water management, climate tech, ag biotech, and ag fintech. 

What they’re saying:

In 2022, more than 500 startups from acrossr LatAm applied to the program, and more than 130 matches between startups and companies took place through business roundtables and meetings with early adopters. Key players from the industry provided 30 mentoring sessions to add value and specific insight to participating startups.

Here’s what a few of GLOCAL alumni and partners have to say about the program:

  • “We were honoured to be part of the startups selected to participate in GLOCAL’s Program. Apart from everything we learned in their workshops, we finished the program having a lot of corporate contacts, pilots and projects which greatly exceeded our expectations. GLOCAL’s team was crucial to facilitate the link with mentors and meetings with companies whom we are still in contact with.” – Agustin Buchert Clearleaf
  • “GLOCAL gave us many networking opportunities and early adopters contacts to try out our technology. Their support and their agribusiness connections in LatAm were key to accelerate our commercial development. – Franco Martinez Levis Puna Bio
  • “The GLOCAL Game Changers Series allows us to meet startups that offer products, technologies, and innovative solutions that complement our business model and have the potential to make LDC more profitable, efficient, and sustainable.” – Juan José Blanchard, chief operating officer at Louis Dreyfus Company.
  • “We understand that one cannot do everything all alone and that is why this interrelation with GLOCAL, other companies, ideas and projects is really necessary to advance towards a healthier planet, in which we eat better and have access to safer food, abundant for all.“ – Sebastián Calvo Surcos

Startups can apply here by June 16.

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Get the latest news and research from AFN & AgFunder in your inbox.

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