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AFN’s top 20 guest articles in 2020

December 28, 2020

As we count down the final few days until 2021, we on the AFN editorial team have been taking some time to look back at what has been a momentous year in agrifoodtech.

Our coverage of this cutting-edge industry wouldn’t be complete if not for the contributions of guest authors who regularly write opinion pieces, expert commentary, and technical deep-dives for our readers.

Below is a rundown of the top 20 most-read guest articles we published on AFN over the past 12 months (including sponsored posts from our network partners.)

Guest contributions that racked up plenty of reads include several ‘market maps’ examining the various technologies and business models comprising agrifoodtech; different perspectives on the role that food and ag innovations have in combatting climate change; and overviews of the burgeoning agrifoodtech scene in South and Central America.

Also among our top 20 guest pieces are several contributions from the investment team at AgFunderAFN’s parent company — giving insight on their investment decision-making, the growth of the firm’s portfolio of agrifoodtech startups, and the launch of its impact fund and accelerator GROW.

Here are the top 20 most-read guest articles by unique page views published on AFN this year – stay tuned for 2020’s top 20 reads from the AFN editorial team later this week:

1. Farm tech market map: Why it’s time to distinguish farm tech from the messy supply chain
Seana Day, Better Food Ventures

2. Meet the FoodTech 500’s top 10 startups powering the food revolution
Alessio Dantino, Forward Fooding

3. Growing cannabis legally in the UK is hard, but far from impossible
George McBride, Hanway Associates

4. What if we viewed ranches as national parks instead of simply places to produce meat?
Rethink Events

5. Why is no one talking about agriculture as a solution to climate change?
Karn Manhas, Terramera

6. Digital ag: Why is predicting return on investment per field so hard?
Dmytro Lennyi, Intellias

7. A mini guide to Latin American agrifoodtech in 2020
Sofía Ramírez, AgFunder

8. Delivering the goods: Food supply chain tech market map & predictions for 2021
Seana Day & Brita Rosenheim, Culterra Capital

9. Why the world’s largest beer company is investing in agtech

10. 8 global agrifoodtech startups reimagining the future of food
F&A Next

11. Now is the time to invest in foodtech
Nadav Berger, PeakBridge Partners & Elliot Hool, 2Scots

12. Meet the 12 startups joining Singapore Food Bowl, GROW’s local food resilience accelerator

13. Why we invested in MycoWorks
Rob Leclerc, AgFunder

14. How Covid-19 is impacting various points in the US food & ag supply chain
Jeff Caldwell, Lessing-Flynn

15. 7 critical factors to scaling regenerative agriculture
Daniele Cesano, Adapta Group

16. AgFunder is launching an impact fund. Here’s why
Michael Dean, AgFunder

17. How Indian agritech can help address climate risks
Hemendra Mathur, Bharat Innovation Fund

18. LatAm agrifoodtech market map: From seed to consumer
Sofía Ramírez, AgFunder & Gonzalo Perez, Arpegio

19. 5 things to think about when marketing new tech to farmers
Jeff Caldwell, Lessing-Flynn

20. How did that fish get on your plate? A short look at fish farms
Scott Nichols, Food’s Future

Could you be an AFN guest author? Email your article ideas to [email protected]

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Get the latest news and research from AFN & AgFunder in your inbox.

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