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Cultured Meat Symposium 2019

Join us in San Francisco on Thursday, November 14th and Friday, November 15, 2019 as we highlight the top industry insights of the cell-based meat revolution.

Bringing clean meat to the masses requires a lot more than just the technology behind the scenes.

New Harvest Conference

Join us for two full days of programming highlighting the latest developments in the exciting new field of cellular agriculture. Experience compelling talks and interactive exhibitions by leading startups and researchers to discover cellular agriculture’s applications to food, materials, and more in an accessible and interdisciplinary manner.

Cultured Meat Symposium

Cultured Meat Symposium is a conference held in Silicon Valley highlighting insights in the cell-based technology industry. The importance of clean cultured meat goes far beyond the health benefits. The event will dive into the Impact, Future, and Flavor of cell-based meat technology.

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What Do Farmers Think About Cultured Meat?

The wide distribution and adoption of cultured meat won’t affect all farming economies equally, but grass-based farming economies like New Zealand and Wales could be particularly impacted.