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XpertSea Reports $1.3 Million Seed Round

Quebec City based company, XpertSea, announced $1.3 million in seed funding from Real Ventures, a Canadian seed stage venture fund. The company provides inventory management solutions for aquaculture producers, specifically through its product, XperCount, a mechanism that can count tiny aquatic organisms in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes.

Planet Labs Closes $118M Series C Round

San Francisco based Planet Labs closed $118 million in Series C financing with $23M coming in at the end of the round from the International Finance Corporation. (We covered the first close in January.) This latest round exceeds the $93 million dollar goal set by the company which builds “off-the-shelf” electronics that are placed into satellites used to map the globe.

UrbanFarmers Closes $2.1M Series A Round

Big up for city farming! UrbanFarmers, a Zurich based company providing farming solutions for urban areas, announced the successful completion of a 2.1m Series A round on March 31. The company says its as a ‘global pioneer’ in Aquaponic Rooftop farming — yes, that’s what it sounds like, fish, in a vegetable garden… on a roof!

Villgro Innovation snags $3.4m from Michael Dell to bring agriculture distribution of India

India-based Villgro Innovation which has developed a rural distribution model for agriculture and dairy produces has raised $3.4 million from Startup Education and the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. According to the company website, Villgro has reached to 6,000 farming households in India and has improved farm Income by 20-30%.