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Applications Open for Rockstart AgriFood’s Inaugural Accelerator Program

May 20, 2019

Rockstart AgriFood, a €15million accelerator plus follow on fund, is accepting applications for its first cohort of Agritech and Foodtech startups. Rockstart helps startups go the distance to growth stage by investing in some of them beyond the initial accelerator-based investment alongside partners. (Apply here before May 26.)

Every accelerator participant will receive a convertible note of €100k for participating in the program, and Rockstart can invest up-to €2 million in those it supports into later stage alongside investor partners.

At Rockstart AgriFood, we support and empower the greatest Agritech and Foodtech startups to take on the many challenges facing the global food system through acceleration and unmatched access to market, expertise, community, and capital.

The Rockstart AgriFood Program 2019 kicks off in September and takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, with active collaboration between the Rockstart team and our network partners in Denmark and the Netherlands, two rich AgriFood Ecosystems.

Our six-month program is designed to turbocharge business development and provide access to capital to prepare the startups for global scaling.

With a focus on value creation for the participating startups, Rockstart AgriFood offers intensive individual mentoring and strategy sessions throughout the core of the program with mentors from Rockstart’s international network of industry experts, entrepreneurs, and business gurus. Rockstart AgriFood also co-invests in participating startups, providing them an opportunity to raise follow-on investment up to Series B.

Who should apply?

Rockstart AgriFood is looking for outstanding entrepreneurs with Agritech and Foodtech startups that are using emerging technology and transformative business models to positively redesign the food system holistically. We consider solutions from soil to gut.

Startups should address at least one of three core challenges with commercial solutions:

Optimization of processes and practices – We need to use fewer resources, and optimize what we have, drive efficiency in the supply chain with better connectivity and distribution.

Stopping food waste and loss – Reduction of losses throughout the supply system is key to reducing the food, land and emissions gaps and unlocking substantial value.

Transparency and trust – developing a more transparent and trustworthy food system, with consumer health and well-being at the center.

Relevant international startups will have a product, preferably with a first customer, that is on the brink of scaling within the foreseeable future. Startups may or may not have raised a previous round of capital.

Some examples of emerging tech we’re looking for include, but are not limited to, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Big data, and analytics, Web & Mobile solutions, Platforms, and Protein alternatives.

Rockstart was established in 2011 for startups in multiple sectors and has an impressive list of 150+ startup alumni including Hubs, a part sourcing solution for engineers and Sympower, a demand response aggregator that enables smarter energy use for a carbon-free future.

Founder and CEO of Sympower, Simon Bushell comments: “I think the most valuable thing we got out of the Rockstart program was the network. We now have a solid network of mentors who have also become our investors. The team is super helpful, and there is a great amount of expertise around during the program, which makes Rockstart stand out among the accelerator offerings out there.”

Towards a Holistic Supply System

“The way we produce, process, distribute and even consume food is undergoing constant pressure, and this presents an opportunity for startups” explains Rockstart AgriFood Director, Mark Durno. “The program and fund are perfectly positioned in between the Danish and Dutch AgriFood powerhouses with strong partners in both to help startups take advantage of the opportunities presented in the industry and get the access they need to scale.”

For more information, visit Rockstart’s website.

NOW is the time to click here and apply before the May 26 deadline.


*This post was sponsored by Rockstart as part of the AgFunder Network Partner program. Find out more here.*

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Get the latest news and research from AFN & AgFunder in your inbox.

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