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The Future of British Farming – A National Conference

Join key stakeholders for Westminster Insight’s timely Future of Farming Conference, as you’ll examine the policy landscape, the likely implications of Brexit and the Agriculture Bill.

Exploring how new technologies, consumer trends and environmental concerns are impacting the farming community, you’ll learn more about the innovative approaches taken to ensure a more progressive, profitable and sustainable environment for British farmers.


The convergence of ag technology and soil health principles and practices is causing a paradigm shift.

AgEmerge will help you make sense of it all.

AgEmerge is much more than a conference; it’s a unique opportunity to learn from and interact with emerging thought leaders and entrepreneurs about how they are solving some of the most significant challenges in agriculture.

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When it Comes to Soil Testing, We’ve Only Scratched the Surface

Soil is the largest living organism on earth, yet humans know far more about our solar system than we do the top six inches of soil on this planet. Soil testing offers some amazing opportunities for farmers to find new efficiencies within their operations and to increase yields but we are just starting to scratch the surface.