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How Indian agritech can help address climate risks

Jeff Bezos committing $10 billion to fight climate change through his new Earth Fund could not have been timelier. Climate change is for real. Here’s a look at some Indian agritech innovations that are trying to address climate change risks.

India’s answer to vertical farming raises $5.5m Series A

“Vertical farming is not especially relevant in India,” says Omnivore’s Mark Kahn, but its equivalent is a company that galvanizes and coordinates the tens of thousands of already existing greenhouses dotted on the outskirts of India’s major cities, like Clover.

nadir godrej

Nadir Godrej, India’s bard of agtech

Nadir B. Godrej, 66, is not just a titan of Indian agribusiness. He is also an accomplished poet, as a wide-eyed audience discovered at this year’s Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Week in Singapore.