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Creating a healthy, humane, and sustainable food supply

The Good Food Institute (GFI) is on the forefront of the movement to use food technology to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, from climate change and global hunger to antibiotic efficacy and the exploitation of billions of animals annually. The Good Food Institute’s Environmental Health Scientist will play a critical role in ensuring that a good food future develops as quickly and efficiently as possible. At GFI, you will be a compelling voice highlighting the inherent unsustainability and environmental harms of conventional animal agriculture and an advocate for people whose lives are devastated by factory farming. By humanizing the urgent need to move beyond animal agriculture, you will spur individuals and institutions to promote and develop healthy, sustainable, and humane plant-based and “clean meat” products.

How You Will Make a Difference
As GFI’s Environmental Health Scientist, you will be the expert on the detrimental impacts of factory farming on the environment and also on the significant environmental benefits of plant-based and clean meat products. Through analyzing and producing original research, building scientific partnerships, and meeting with impact investors and policy-makers, you will push back against the serious environmental consequences of factory farming and the effects of these environmental harms on human health and well-being. You will advocate for the potential of plant-based and clean meat to address these problems without sacrificing taste, convenience, or affordability by:

  • Creating a variety of original research relevant to the promotion of plant-based and clean alternatives to conventional animal products (e.g., LCAs related to clean meat and plant-based meat).
  • Tracking and evaluating scientific research regarding the environmental effects of factory farming and advancements in plant-based and clean meat technologies and production methods.
  • Working with the other members of the GFI team to educate investors and government officials to invest in and support the advancement of plant-based and clean meat as solutions to myriad problems, including those related to climate, food security, and global health.
  • Developing and delivering presentations about the impacts of factory farming, advantages of plant-based and clean meat, and GFI’s work and mission.
  • Collaborating with environmental nonprofits, policy advisors, and other influential organizations and individuals to achieve common goals.

Who We’re Looking For
We are seeking smart, thoughtful, and creative self-starters who want to push back against climate change, transform industrial animal agriculture, and develop healthy and humane foods that are accessible to everyone.

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The Environmental Health Scientist must have exceptional research and writing abilities, excellent public speaking and presentation skills, persuasive and engaging interpersonal skills, an analytical mind that enjoys digging into scientific research, and infectious enthusiasm for GFI’s mission. You will enjoy a high level of autonomy in this role and must be self-motivated, work well both independently and in concert with a larger group, and be comfortable working with a rapidly evolving and growing team.

We are considering candidates with a bachelor’s degree or higher in environmental science, public policy, public health, or a related field; advanced degree and/or postdoctoral research experience preferred. Candidates should have expertise in the environmental and human health impacts of animal agriculture, and a demonstrated familiarity with U.S. environmental policy. Experience publishing in peer-reviewed journals is preferred.

Enjoy full medical coverage, optional dental and vision packages, a 401(k) retirement plan, working from home, flexible holiday and vacation plans, room for advancement, respectful managers, and supportive colleagues at The Good Food Institute!

To apply for this job please visit www.gfi.org.