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You know greenhouses, you know the struggles they face predicting accurate yields and making better decisions via years of data they can’t always access outside of a spreadsheet.

Best of all,  you have a list of contacts ready to hear from you, as you’re a trusted source of information when it comes to how technology can help.

Motorleaf has a growing team of professionals looking to earn recurring revenue for themselves and family, by pairing the right agricultural technology with the right greenhouse operator.

Motorleaf has a suite of hardware and software for Greenhouses, that allows them to stream out their data that is normally locked in spreadsheets, and have artificial intelligence and machine learning unlock insights they’ve never been able to see before.

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“” is Motorleaf’s secret weapon that all Greenhouse operators/owners/agronomists will be happy you showed them.

Please reach out to [email protected] with a brief description of your background and why you’d be a good addition to join our team.

Motorleaf is an equal opportunity company, all applicants have to be able to laugh at themselves and us, and work to live, not just live to work.

We had a much better disclaimer our lawyer approved, but it sounded way less rock n’ roll.


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