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The Director of Acquisitions will be responsible for sourcing, evaluating, and managing purchases of farmland properties in California, as well as leading other strategic and operational projects for GLF. This person would work with GLF partner Jack McCarthy to run our deal sourcing and investment management efforts targeting specialty farmland investments in California and eventually other regions.

At a young company, roles will evolve over time, but initially the key responsibilities of this role will be:


Deal Sourcing (~40% of time): The Director will lead efforts to identify new investment themes/regions/theses in specialty farmland and find new deals within those target areas. Includes:

·       Working with experts (water attorneys, experienced growers, brokers, appraisers) to analyze and identify priority areas to invest time and effort generating new investment opportunities

·       Leading research efforts to compile potential target properties

·       Overseeing brokers, interns, other GLF employees, and contractors who are conducting door-to-door reach outs, cold calls, and letter writing to land owners in priority areas

·       Networking (coffees/lunches, industry groups, conferences) to meet growers/land owners and intermediaries (sales reps, PCAs, etc.) who can help generate proprietary deal flow

·       Regular meetings and calls with brokers to hear about the latest publicized and “off market” deals

·       Meetings with growers/land owners and other key stakeholders (co-owners, brokers, advisors) to build trust-based relationships and influence them towards a sale to Gold Leaf


Deal Evaluation & Diligence (~20% of time): Once new investment opportunities are identified, the Director will assist in evaluating these properties.

·       Financial evaluation including assessing estimated yield, expense load, and financial performance

·       Shaping property capital structure by working with banks and debt capital providers and preparing fundraising materials to share with equity investors

·       Farming diligence including managing advisors and contractors providing soil/tree tissue sampling, environmental studies, etc. to determine property quality

·       Water diligence including speaking with experts as well as performing analysis on water rights

·       Farming plan formation including hiring farm personnel and creating budgets and timelines


Asset Management (~20% of time): Once Gold Leaf has purchased properties, managing the finances and operations of those properties by overseeing in-house or 3rd party farm managers, evaluating farm performance and agronomic indicators, and ultimately being responsible for property-level budgets and financial performance.


GLF Strategic Projects (~20% of time): In addition to the above, assisting the partners of Gold Leaf with other activities that help grow and improve the firm. These could include researching and evaluating new strategic directions for Gold Leaf (e.g., geographies beyond California and Arizona, crops beyond almonds and pistachios, vertical integration upward from production/farming, etc.), hiring and management of personnel, designing, hiring for, and building a deal sourcing engine within GLF, partnerships with investors or other ag operators, and industry networking and relationship building.


Suggested Skills & Experience: An excellent candidate for this role will have the following skills & experience. If you have some but not all of the below, please apply anyway. We look forward to considering all strong candidates!

·       3-7+ years of experience working in one of:

o   Investing/finance (finding, evaluating, closing, and managing private equity, real estate or other private investments)

o   and/or Professional services (top-tier management consulting or investment banking), looking to transition to the “buy side” (i.e., working as an owner/operator vs. advisor)

o   and/or Sales or other relationship-building role in farming or agribusiness

·       Strong relationship-building and networking skills

·       Strong verbal and written communications skills (in person and via phone/email)

·       Proficiency with Microsoft Office (including Microsoft Excel)

·       Family or personal ties to:

o   Farming and agriculture

o   and/or California’s Central Valley

·       Bachelor’s degree from a top institution in either:

o   Business, Economics, Finance, or a similar field

o   and/or Agronomy, Ag Business, or a similar field

o   or neither of the above but strong academic performance

·       Positive/can-do attitude, self-starter, and ownership mindset

·       Energetic and fun person to have on a team!

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