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Poultry Tech Summit

Poultry Tech Summit is a new conference that focuses on transition of innovative technologies from researchers and entrepreneurs into commercial applications for the benefit of the poultry industry. This event is the only one of its kind being offered to connect researchers and entrepreneurs with poultry sector technology experts, financiers, bankers and venture capitalists looking for new projects to fund.

Poultry Producers Tyson, Perdue Turn to Technology to Improve Animal Welfare

Tyson and Perdue are investing in better conditions for its birds and relying on technology to make it happen as consumers remain concerned about welfare in poultry production.

Consumers’ increasing fascination with learning more about food production has prompted many companies throughout the value chain to take actionable steps to improve food safety, transparency, traceability, and animal welfare.

4 Q&As with Dr. Amit Gefen on Developing a Bioengineered Chicken Breast

Israel-based biomedical engineer Amit Gefen is developing a laboratory-grown chicken breast. Based at Tel Aviv University’s Iby and Aladar Fleischman School of Engineering, the biomedical engineering doctor’s research could lead to a sustainably produced chicken that even vegetarians may consider adding to their diets.