AgriFood News: Campbell’s at a Crossroad? Cellular Meat, Argentina’s VC Scene, and more

August 1, 2018

The AgriFood News Aggregator features headlines submitted each week by members of the AgFunder community through our news sharing platform #feedit. Have news to share? Post it here and engage, share, and debate with your peers in the comments section.

AgriFood & Tech Commentary

Is Campbell’s Soup at a Crossroad? – CNN

All the Things Satellites Can Now See From Space – Bloomberg

In Argentina, Venture Capital Surges Even as the Broader Economy Stutters – TechCrunch

Exciting New Partnership Creates A Blueprint For Sustainable Meat – Forbes

Have You Met This Cow? She’s Delicious – WSJ

AgriFood Tech Venture News

Dishq raises $400k in Pre-Seed Funding to Help Consumers Make Better Food Choices – Analytics India

AgriFood Industry News

Costco Wholesale Selects Zest Fresh to Enhance Its Fresh Food Supply Chain – PR

Is Flexible Film Made From Crab Shells and Tree Fibers the Future of Food Packaging? – FoodDive

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