AgFunder To Host Office Hours for Corporates During World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit

The World Agri-Tech and Future Food-Tech conferences are being held in San Francisco the week of March 19th. The AgFunder Team receives many meeting requests from large and medium Corporates and so we’re taking this opportunity to host office hours at our office here in downtown San Francisco on Monday, Thursday, and Friday, March 19, 22, and 23.

Current availability is:

Monday 3/19: 11:00-12:00, 1:00-3:00, 4:00-5:00

Thursday 3/20: 9:00-6:00

Friday 3/21: 8:45-9:45, 11:30-5:00

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If you’re a Corporate with more than $1 billion in revenue and would like to meet for an hour during the times available above, please email [email protected] with your preferred times, your company name, and if you have any specific discussion requests.

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