AgriFood News: Is Vertical Farming Really the Future of Agriculture? more

July 5, 2018

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AgriFood & Tech Commentary

Is Vertical Farming Really the Future of Agriculture? – Eater

High-tech strategies for small farmers and organic farming – Bio-Based News

Best advice to U.S. dairy farmers? ‘Sell out as fast as you can’ – NBC

How robots are grasping the art of gripping – Nature

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Why Women-Owned Startups Are a Better Bet – BCG

Supply chains becoming increasingly consumer centric – Supply Chain Digital

AgriFood Tech Venture News

Foodtech startup Biryani by Kilo grabs $1 Mn pre-Series A funds – Entrackr

Fazer Remotely-Controlled Helicopter Cleared for Ag Spraying Applications – Successful Farming

Aquabyte named on Forbes Innovation List – Salmon Business

China’s food delivery business gets a jolt after Alibaba-owned commits to investing ‘billions’ of yuan – South China Morning Post

For VCs, food tech is on the menu – Pitchbook

AgriFood Industry News

Behind Conagra’s $10.9B Deal For Pinnacle Foods: Why The Frozen Food Aisle Is Suddenly So Hot – Forbes

Land O’Lakes, Inc. and California Bioenergy Partner to Advance “Barn to Biogas” in California – PR

Silicon Valley Executive Craig Elliott joins Autogrow – PR

Seal scarer to float on stock market – Salmon Business

Leading investor sees big potential in automated salmon feed tech – Salmon Business

Aqua-Yield Expands Distribution Both Nationally and Internationally – Agribusiness Global

AgriFood Policy News

Congress’s latest farm bill sets a new standard of ugliness – Washington Post

SNAP is a Boon to Urban and Rural Economies. Proposed Farm Bill Changes Could Cripple Them – Civil Eats


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