AgriFood News Aggregator: Chowbotics Raises $11m, IoT for Food Safety, Millennial Food, Driverless Tractors, more

June 14, 2018

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AgriFood & Tech Commentary

Food Companies Can’t Figure Out What Americans Want to Eat – Wall Street Journal

How Precision Agriculture Can Help Traditional Farms – National Geographic

Claims against meat fail to consider bigger picture – Sustainable Food Trust

9 ways millennials are changing the way we eat – Washington Post

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‘Sexy plants’ on track to replace harmful pesticides to protect crops – The Guardian

Is IoT the Key to the Future of Food Safety? – IoT for All

3 Innovative Ways Blockchain Will Build Trust In The Food Industry – Forbes

A Stampede of Meatless Products Overrun Grocery Store Meat Cases – Wall Street Journal

90 percent of plastics polluting our oceans come from 10 rivers – Digital Journal

CRISPR-edited cells might cause cancer, two studies find – Stat News

The new food: meet the startups racing to reinvent the meal – The Guardian

Closing the loop on sustainable aquaculture – Washington Post

Do VCs really add value? — Founders say sometimes – Hacker Noon

Zero-Waste Restaurant Concepts Could Be The New Norm – Mind Body Green

NASA’s SMAP Satellite Collects Soil Moisture Content Worldwide – Modern Farmer

Small farmers are mixing old equipment with new tech – Popular Science

Robofarming & The Future of Agriculture – Tech Native

AgriFood Tech Venture News

Chowbotics raises $11 million to move its robot beyond salads – Tech Crunch

Stine Seed Plunks Down $5 Million on Smart Ag’s Driverless Tractor Kit – PrecisionAg

Autogrow’s API and Amazon’s Alexa lead to world first talking AgTech system – Fresh Plaza

Venture capitalists find rising market in rural America via data-loving farmers – EDF

Rootella BR Becomes First Mycorrhizal Inoculant Registered for Commercial Use in Brazil – PR

Innovation Insights showcases growth of agri-tech cluster – Agri Tech East

Food Traceability Storytelling for Farmer Co-Ops – Agrivi

Zasso Group opens Zasso France and Raises Further Equity Financing – PR

Zasso secures Equity Financing from Green Towers and Ergas Ventures– PR

Neudorff and Zasso form joint venture – PR

AgriFood Industry News

Alibaba brings artificial intelligence to the barnyard – Financial Times

Syngenta strengthens U.S. Seeds business with leadership appointments  – PR

New Study Names Great Falls, MT, Most Affordable Market for Food Processing – PR

Australia’s top young scientists recognised with ICM Agrifood Award – PR

Packaging producers should convince consumers that sustainable materials are worth the cost, says GlobalData – PR

AgriFood Policy News

Senate Farm Bill Harnesses Technology to Maximize Conservation Impact – EDF

The Most Effective Way To Save The Planet – Forbes

For Farmers on SNAP, House Farm Bill Cuts Would Hurt in More Ways than One – Civil Eats

Senate agriculture panel passes farm bill with hemp legalization  – CNBC

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