The Top 5 Must-See AgTech TED Talks

April 17, 2014

TED talks dive into a bit of everything, including agriculture. Among the many to choose from, we’ve pulled out 5 AgTech TED Talks must-see’s:

1. Mohamed Hijri’s ‘A simple solution to the coming phosphorus crisis’

Mohamed Hijri addresses a farming crisis that he says is falling under the radar: We’re losing phosphorous, an essential for DNA building blocks and cellular communication. His solution? Tiny mushrooms.


2. Carey Fowler, ‘One seed at a time, protecting the future of food’

Many scientists say the crops that farmers are growing today may not work in tomorrow’s climate. Carey Fowler takes a look inside Norway’s seed-bank, which houses what might be tomorrow’s life-saver seeds.


3. Shimon Steinberg’s ‘Natural pest control…Using bugs!’

Pesticides are an important but necessary part of farming, right? Biotech researcher Shimon Steinberg says there’s another way to fight bugs: with other bugs.


4. Jon Foley’s ‘The other inconvenient truth’

Agriculture is the world’s biggest contributor to climate change, loss of biodiversity and destruction of our environment. During this talk, Jon Foley makes the case for “terraculture,” or farming for the whole planet, to stop the destruction.


5. Stefano Mancuso’s ‘The root of plant intelligence’

We know plants are smart; but just how smart are they? How much can they teach us about their own survival abilities? Botanist Stefano Mancuso tells us that plants might have a lot more to teach us than we thought.

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