Want Agtech Exit Data for the Past 10 Years?

We knew that would get your attention; we wanted it to!

Everyone has been asking us for intel on all the exits that have happened in agtech, so we have decided to do something about it.

This data is critical to ensuring a fruitful agtech investment ecosystem, so we’re asking for your help in pulling this together for a report.

Please fill out this Google Form with all of your exit deals from the past 10 years, and others you know about for us to verify. There is an option to keep details of the deals private if you want, and to submit them anonymously.

You can also email me directly on [email protected]

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The more information you can give us, the better, and the more reliable this report will be!

Everyone that submits information will receive an early look at the report in return. (We will need your email address for this.)

Thank you in advance.

The AgFunder Team!

Google Form here

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