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How Monsanto & The Climate Corporation See the Future of Tech in Farming

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“These are exciting times, these are challenging times, but the breakthroughs are incredible,” says Erik Andrejko, VP of Science at Climate Corp. When it comes to finding ways to feed our ever-increasing population while combating the effects of climate change, Andrejko sees some clear parameters: “It’s going to be about integrated solutions—integrating information from different sources from different pieces of equipment.

Controversial GMO Rat Study Retracted After Severe Criticism

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Pictures of three tumor-ridden rats line the headlines about the controversial study by Frenchman Gilles-Eric Seralini at the University of Caen in France. Originally published in September 2012 in the reputed scientific Journal Food & Chemical Toxicology, the study suggests those who consume NK603 maize, or genetically modified corn resistant to the herbicide Roundup—linked to a Monsanto strain—are at a much higher risk of developing cancer.