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#Agrifood20, a leading event for the digital transformation of the agri-food sector. Startup Europe’s Smart Agrifood Summit, an industry-leading event for the creation of innovative

Global Conference on Nutrition

Meet the inspiring speakers and experts all over the world at our Global Conference on Nutrition 2020 at Vancouver, Canada which provides the worldwide stage

GlobalSF: The Future of Food Roadshow

October 7-9 | Singapore October 10-12 | Hong Kong The GlobalSF Future of Food Roadshow is an opportunity for brands, entrepreneurs, and investors in the


Experience Israel’s booming FoodTech arena and connect with multinational F&B’s, investors and Israeli FoodTech innovators at FOODTECH_IL, the Sixth FoodTech Community Symposium, on May 07,

London Food Tech Week

We’re excited to announce the news that YFood will be hosting their third annual London Food Tech Week from 30th October to 3rd November, the

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