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India’s CropIn and Dutch 20tree.ai Win Rainforest Alliance’s AgTech Developer Challenge

To mobilize the innovative power of the remote sensing sector for cocoa, the Rainforest Alliance recently announced the Ag-tech developer challenge – a call to remote-sensing, high-tech and earth-observation companies.

A closer look at the agrifood startup ecosystem in Ghana and West Africa

Editor’s Note: Maciej Bulanda is the partnerships & communications manager at SmartHectar Innovations, a German innovation hub focused on agrifood and water. Together with entrepreneurship mentoring organization enpact, SmartHectar launched a joint venture enable West Africa to accelerate agrifood and water tech innovations in this emerging market.

Launching of The Digital Farmer’s Platform TRITECH AGRIC

Tritech Business Solutions Limited shall be launching the their Digital Farmer’s platform called Tritech Agric on the 1st of January 2019 by 11am at the company headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

Tritech Agric is the digital farming platform provided by Tritech Business Solutions Limited to empower cooperators in the food and agribusiness value chain cooperative societies through project funding.

Wefarm Raises $5m from Skype, WordPress Founders for Smallholder Farmer Network

Wefarm uses AI technology to connect small-scale farmers to crowdsourced information by enabling them to share techniques and advice on anything from how to battle a disease to how to increase their income, through SMS or online in their own languages.