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CARANA works to develop Guyana’s growing potential

CARANA Agribusiness, an emerging affiliate of the CARANA Corporation, sets to boost Guyana’s production potential and commercial viability by scaling sustainable farms, modernizing the industry, and diversifying crops.

July Roundup of Ag & AgTech Deals

July Roundup of Ag & AgTech Deals

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Food+Tech Connect to launch a monthly AgTech Funding Roundup! We’ll be covering companies that are using

Need for Precision Ag Grows as Greenhouse Gases Spike

Not all plants are created equal, but traditional farming practices treat them as such. And it’s this one-size-fits-all approach to commercial farming and fertilizer application that is contributing to a spike in greenhouse gas emissions.

The Complex World of Big Land Deals

The Complex World of Big Land Deals

By: Fiona Harvey, Award-winning environment journalist for the Guardian. This post originally appeared on Ensia. “When [the trucks] came through they could not get access

Chipotle Dishes Out a Big-Ag Satire

Chipotle Dishes Out a Big-Ag Satire

America’s burrito heaven (or to some, hell,) is at it again; the franchise has some reaching for more Tabasco, and others for their TV remotes.

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