Nutrinsic Corporation, Upcycling Waste Water for Animal Feed, Raises $12.7M

Nutrinsic Corporation, Upcycling Waste Water for Animal Feed, Raises $12.7M

Forget recycle; let’s talk upcycle.


Nutrinsic Corporation, a company “upcycling” nutrients currently lost in waste water treatment, has raised $12.7 million to provide better protein nutrition for animals. The round was led by Artiman Ventures, and joined by previous investors IDG Capital, High Country Venture and Maxhill Industries.


“Our protein harvest system extracts valuable nutrients from existing resources (waste) rather than relying on the creation of a new infrastructure,” Nutrinsic’s site says. “The unused nutrients in water waste from food and beverage processors are transformed into a valuable protein source for animals and an equally important by-product, clean water.”


Nutrinsic plans to use the private funds to further its production of ProFloc, a single cell protein meal for animal feed. By working with food and beverage producers, Nutrinsic takes the left waste water off of the producers hands and “upcycle” the valuable nutrients out. It’s a win-win; the producer has less junk to take care of, and there’s a more viable source for animal feed.


“Nutrinsic lowers the treatment cost and improves the effluent quality for food and beverage waste streams while producing a superior, significant and sustainable source of protein for animal feed,” said Tim Wilson, Managing Director, Artiman Ventures. “It is rare to see an emerging green technology be commercially viable without government incentives or regulation.”

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The company is currently running a facility in China with several partners, and is building its own facility in Trenton, Ohio. The manufacturing plant is slated to become operational by the end of 2014.



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