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Technology Acceleration Partners (TechAccel, LLC) is a private capital firm that invests in, acquires, and advances early stage technologies in the agriculture, animal health, and food ingredients sectors.

The Senior R&D Manager is a mid-level position at TechAccel’s headquarters in Shawnee Mission, Kansas or in the Greater St. Louis, Missouri region. Science management positions report directly to TechAccel’s Chief Science Officer.

The Senior R&D Manager manages research and development projects on plant and animal science-related technologies, helps source new innovative technologies from universities, global corporations, and institutions, and performs technical due diligence on various technology investment opportunities.

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  • The TechAccel investment thesis includes ‘Science Advancement’ where we invest in research to increase the value of our equity investment.  The Senior R&D Manager role will focus on this and duties will include:
    1. Participate in identifying research resources that have the capability and capacity to perform the needed work.  Do the appropriate research to have a firm grasp of overall research objectives.  TechAccel primarily sponsors research at universities and academic research institutions.
    2. For each project and working with the identified lab(s), develop an efficient research scope containing complete scope of work identifying all project requirements, tasks, resource assignments and an accurate estimate for task completion.
    3. Project management; develop in conjunction with supervisor a manageable project plan that adheres to cost objectives and timelines. Coordinate projects from initiation through delivery; planning and directing completion of all required product development activities or project deliverables.
    4. Lead, motivate and inspire project cross-functional team members including university and industrial scientists, consultants, and other employees.
    5. Maintain timely awareness of the research progress, keep TechAccel stakeholders informed of project progress and potential challenges, and be receptive to modifications of the research plan based on results and overall objectives.
    6. Coordinate periotic research updates, and final reports and presentations.
  • The Senior R&D Manager role will also have duties focused on identifying new potential opportunities, and helping to develop and communicate them to TechAccel stakeholders.
    1. Scouting.  Identify new opportunities for innovative products using the company’s investment thesis and associated pillars as a foundation. Identify, plan, and quantitatively evaluate new technologies/opportunities.
    2. Develop and expand a broad-based network of contacts within the agriculture and animal health sectors and attend trade-shows / conferences as needed.
    3. Participate in visits to universities and companies with the goal of having technical exploratory conversations with professors, principle investigators, and others to identify capabilities, interests, and opportunities.
    4. Using scientific literature, patents, and other resources improve the TechAccel technical research knowledge and capability pool, exploring new technologies, and recent advances in field, sourcing advances from allied institutions and applying knowledge to projects.
    5. Participate in ideation for new projects.  Champion and drive technology projects through the company science advancement process. Present and communicate projects for approval.
  • We will also ask the Senior R&D Manager to perform equally well as a collaborative team leader and proactive functional manager as well as a strong scientific individual contributor depending on project needs; be highly adaptive to changing project scopes and responsibilities.
    1. Be a key team member in conducting business and technical due diligence on new opportunities including (but not limited to) technology licenses, emerging company equity investments, science advancement deals, partnerships, and corporate / startup spin-offs.
    2. Write reports and present results, project and technology assessments to Senior Management to enable them to make informed business decisions.
    3. Assist in developing data and materials for regular presentations made by and to the TechAccel team, including approval recommendations for the Board of Directors / Investment Committee.


• Ph.D. in a plant or animal science discipline with 4+ years post-graduate research experience in academia and/or industry. Exceptional time / project management and organizational skills. Master’s Degree with strong relevant experience will be considered.
• Solid understanding of agriculture and / or animal health markets and trends
• Have a firm grasp of good experimental design, data analysis and interpretation
• Highly self-motivated, flexible, able to follow through, and can work under pressure with associated deadlines
• Self-starter with high level of initiative, resourcefulness; strong work ethic
• Ability to work both independently and collaboratively
• Independent thinking, technical passion, curiosity and creativity
• Ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously
• Have a demonstrated ability to lead through influence. Projects will be executed by groups that are not TechAccel employees, and these appropriate ‘soft skills’ are critical for success.
• Organized, detail oriented and proactive
• Ability to translate corporate goals into executable R&D plans while understanding technical risks, mitigations and alternatives
• Highly motivated, detailed individual with the proven ability to think innovatively toward solving technical and structural problems effectively and efficiently
• Excellent oral and written communication skills required to clearly explain complex issues, progress reports and technical roadmaps to a variety of audiences across functions and levels
• Proficient in Microsoft Applications; Word, Excel, Project, and PowerPoint.


  • Comfortable having and contributing to detailed scientific discussions with university professors, and researchers both academic and industrial.
  • Experience working in and/or with industry
  • Network of colleagues in organizations and fields relevant to TechAccel interests
  • Experience searching for and understanding technical patent literature
  • Strong skills in searching and combing research and other literature and clearly summarizing these results in a way that can be effectively communicated to stakeholders both with and lacking advanced scientific training.
  • Strong project management and communication skills.
  • Experience scouting for and evaluating technical opportunities for acquisition or investment
  • Demonstrated passion for continuous learning, and scientific curiosity
  • Experience translating academic thinking and research into commercial possibilities.
  • Experience drafting or working within SBIR grants.
  • Experience in the regulatory framework for plant or animal agriculture products, or animal health devices, diagnostics, or drugs/vaccines/biologics.
  • Strong skills in biometrics and statistics.

Technology Acceleration Partners (TechAccel, LLC) is a development company focused on advancing innovation in Agriculture and Animal Health. Our partner relationships with Global Industry Strategics leverages their strong technical expertise, regulatory infrastructure and the global distribution network. TechAccel co-funds the development, de-risking and advancement of technologies that fill partner portfolio gaps or addressing new adjacencies. Technologies typically are focused on the many technical paths address to the rapidly growing food and animal health demands. Partner companies utilize TechAccel to accelerate time to market. TechAccel also provides R&D services to meet partner surge needs as well as technology sourcing services.

In addition to our strong technology advancement relationships with Global Industry Leaders, TechAccel partners with leading Agriculture and Animal Health Venture Capital firms in advancing emerging technologies found in aggressive and innovative industry start-ups. TechAccel brings a unique Science Advancement role to these relationships in addition to our invested commitments. This dual commitment adds to the enterprise value creation as well as the breadth of potential innovation derived from each integrated relationship.

TechAccel is an equal opportunity employer. All employees are hired, compensated, promoted, disciplined and evaluated without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, genetic information, status as a qualified individual with a disability, military status, or any other protected characteristic as established by law. TechAccel strictly prohibits any and all discrimination and harassment based upon an individual’s race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, genetic information, status as a qualified individual with a disability, military status, or any other protected characteristic as established by law. Any incident of such harassment or discrimination must be immediately reported to the appropriate management level employee.


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